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There's no handbook or cookie-cutter way to run a business. This can be both empowering and terrifying! Don't worry, we all have to work through it. I'm here to make that process easier for you! Investing in yourself means investing in your clients so let's bust out the notebooks and cameras, and take business head-on. I strongly believe in community over competition, so you can rest assured that knowledge and wisdom won't be held back, but joyfully given! Whether you do better face to face or reading/watching materials, all the options are here for you. Go nuts and customize your learning process to your heart's content!

Keep business prospering, not stagnant!


Now booking 2021 at $535

Coffee + Photoshoot- a 6 hour day that begins with answering questions over coffee, shooting a styled shoot, then editing together while grabbing some food. To end, I'll go over your website and branding with you!

Starting at $235 (added time available to purchase)

Zoom Call- 1.5 hrs of covering any topics you want! Anything about branding, shooting, editing, pricing, legalities, client connections, wedding workflows, marketing, social media, and beyond.

Mentoring Options: