Aug 27

Date Nights While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can get a little overwhelming, with everything from color schemes to venue choices. You two need a break! Reading this blog will give you ideas, & do the planning for you. So put down the laptop & grab your fiancé!

Step 1: Leave the stress at the door

There’s no point going out if you will just have wedding details on your mind the whole time, so talk out all of the unfinished details you can before spending time together. Now you both have a clear mind!

Step 2: Don’t overthink it

Simply think of all the things you love to do together, & go with one of those! Whether it is your favorite place, food, movie, or activity, dedicate a day or a few hours to it. Switch that phone to silent & focus on the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with!

Step 3: Be intentional

With distractions gone, this is now a golden opportunity to talk about all the goodness of future dreams, favorite memories, & encouraging praise. Get as gushy as you want! Don’t lose sight of what this future wedding is all about.

& HAVE FUN with your best friend! You’re in the “good old days” 😉

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