Feb 19

15 Ways to Avoid Being THAT Wedding Guest

If we’re being totally honest here, there are expectations left unsaid when you receive that wedding invitation in the mail. Of course, the most important thing to the couple is that you’re there celebrating with them, but with these tips they’ll be even more grateful! So without further ado…

Tip #1: Remember to RSVP

Forgetting to RSVP throws off everything from seating charts to head counts for the caterer. I suggest doing it as soon as you get that card, so it doesn’t get lost and forgotten!

Tip #2: Yes, not wearing white is still a thing

I know. I know. White looks good on everyone! However, it is the bride and groom’s day, so instead of stealing any thunder just go with another outfit! Trust me, it isn’t worth potential drama.

Tip #3: Yes, not wearing jeans is still not a thing

Even if it isn’t super casual go for the dress pants instead. Jeans will never be a great idea.

Tip #4: Arrive on time

Imagine walking up to the ceremony and the bridal party is already walking the aisle. Trust me, you don’t want the couple to have that photograph for the rest of their lives. Doors also tend to not be silent when opened and closed, so those indoor venues would be even more disruptive.

Tip #5: Silence your phone

There’s nothing like saying vows on your big day with a ringtone in the background. To avoid any unnecessary embarrassment, I’d set a reminder.

Tip #6: Texting the bride

Trust me, the bride is plenty overwhelmed, and has people in place to answer questions! If possible, reach out to someone else or wait instead of adding to her plate.

Tip #7: Nobody gets away with sneaking in a plus-one

I can pretty much guarantee the couple will notice. Not only that, your guest also won’t have dinner set aside for them. All in all, it’s a bit of an insult and not the day to bend the rules!

Tip #8: Leave the giant camera at home

It breaks my heart how many times I’m lined up for a one-chance shot and suddenly a camera attached to a guest’s arm pops into view. Now in addition to me (or any other photographer) having to be ready for the shot, we also have to dodge other cameras in time to still get it. It’s bad enough how many phones are held up in the air to make those guest shots not as pretty.

Tip #9: Turn off your flash

Few people think of this, but if your flash is going off it’s not just a distraction. The videographer will now have clips that look like a lightning storm is going on at the venue. Not cute! They already have to worry about the photographer, and the photographer’s lighting could be thrown off as well.

Tip #10: If not a gift, bring a card

What you do or don’t give the couple is your decision, but I would suggest bringing a card as a nice gesture if you decide not to bring a gift from the registry. That way you aren’t coming empty-handed!

Tip #11: Do not bring the gift with you

Use the address provided on the registry instead of bringing your gift to the wedding! Nobody cleaning up wants to gather gifts for their car when the reception is over.

Tip #12: Pace yourself if drinking

There will most likely be a bar at the reception, so make sure to save some of the drinking for after the ceremony! Start the party on the dance floor. But don’t party too hard-it’s more hurtful to the couple than you may think if you’re getting kicked out or causing a scene. When in doubt, keep it classy!

Tip #13: If you leave early, skip the goodbyes

Save the couple from any worry caused by you saying goodbye early in the night. You don’t want them thinking their reception was a bust or anything!

Tip #14: Don’t verbally criticize details

Even if the food is cold or you hate the centerpiece, keep it to yourself. It would be awful if the couple or anyone else heard and relayed the message. Just be thankful for a fun night!

Tip #15: Take only one party favor

Chances are, the couple is prepared for each guest to take only one. Even if there are extras, there won’t be many. These are also often handmade with a lot of time given. Just take what’s yours!

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