Aug 23

10 Groomsmen “Proposal” Gifts

Ok guys, I know most of you don’t want to spend a day shopping for gifts. So it’s all on one page for you! Just like the bridesmaids’ post, I’ll start with five simple gifts & go up from there. Hope I saved you some time!

#1 Tie Bar

I’m really loving the mountains on this! It’s perfect for most outdoor weddings, & isn’t too distracting. Only $11!

#2 Personalized Bottle Opener

The leather makes these classy. Plus there are so many details you can add (name, role, date, etc). $9 each is pretty good!

#3 Personalized Sunglasses

You can never go wrong with the wooden look. They also come with cool boxes!

#4 Engraved Tumblers

There are a lot of option with these. You can change the icon, color, names, & dates! Will come in handy on that next camping trip…

#5 Labeled Socks

I can not tell you how many groomsmen sock shots I have taken, so don’t miss out 😉 Plus the labels ask the question for you!

Alright, let’s up our game a little bit here. Five more extravagant gifts for you…

#6 Engraved Shaving Kit Bag

They’re leather. They’re roomy. They’re matching. A perfect recipe for quality getting ready photos on the big day. Trust me, your bride will appreciate it!

#7 Personalized BBQ Grilling Set

Everyone needs a grilling set, so these are super practical. Reviews say they are quality tools, & the engraved box is a great touch!

#8 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I got so excited when I found these! They are such an easy size to carry around. The personalized designs look so good too. My favorite gift on here!

#9 Engraved Cooler Chair

This could definitely come in handy on the bachelor party weekend. Take it from someone who knows, you’ll probably also have plenty of chill time before the wedding starts. Now you have somewhere to sit & a photo idea!

#10 Personalized Duffel Bag

The bags are super roomy & lightweight. These are something your guys will actually be able to use! They’re also sturdy, so they should last.

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