Nov 20

The 3 Main Reasons I Rebranded My Business

“You spent how much on your rebrand?!”. Yep. It wasn’t cheap. I put off the idea for awhile. But I knew it was a must! So why did I rebrand and get my site custom designed by an awesome team (LOVE you Alisabeth Designs)?

1 Clarification

While picking colors and logos is so fun, the aesthetic of it all wasn’t my main mission. I wanted to clarify what my business is about FOR YOU! I wanted to display my style, heart, and beliefs. I wanted to get the message across that I am here to give you a helpful, relaxing, customized SERVICE. That’s why the wording and copy on my site is updated to reflect exactly what I want communicated. That’s why my blog page is going to have ongoing tips and goodies to share with you to not only provide an experience, but constantly improve it! That’s why when you visit my website, you’ll leave knowing I’m on your side, I’m routing for you, and I’m ready to be there for you throughout this whole process.

2 Sincerity

People often don’t realize until their wedding day that it’s important to have a good bond with their photographer. That photographer is going to be with them all day long, helping to keep emotions and timelines intact! Therefore I want my site to reflect the real me, so you know exactly what you’re getting before booking. This is why I didn’t hire a copywriter! Every word on this site is written by me.

3 Reassurance

Sadly, there are plenty of vendors out there that forget they are a service. I have learned more what this means from attending business workshops and other forms of education. Every client should feel seen, heard, and appreciated. You are going to have concerns and questions that deserve answers and assistance. This rebrand brings even more answered FAQs, resources, tips, and other ways to get you as relaxed as possible while you plan your dream day.

At the end of the day, this was all for you. I know every penny was worth it, because it will bless the awesome people I get to work with! So after exploring the site, comment on this post your favorite part about the new brand and website!

  1. weetie says:

    LOVE the whole thing !! the colors really compliment each other and I’m obsessed with the logo !!

  2. Julie Caceres says:

    Emma, your relaunch was such a success! You are so talented and such a special person. Matt and I will never forget how beautifully you captured our engagement session and our wedding! My favorite part of the relaunch is the about you page because it shows your lucky future clients what a genuine gem you are! Can’t wait to keep in touch in the future XO Jules

  3. Rebecca Smith says:

    Love this so much! Love you seeing so much heart into your rebrand!

  4. Ashlee ginn says:

    I looove the new site! it’s so user friendly & stylish! I also loved clicking around & learning more about you and your approach. it’s been super fun to follow your journey 🙂 AND I love that you wrote it all!

  5. Karina Calderon says:

    Wow!! I absolutely love the whole concept of your rebrand. It’s always hard to feel comfortable with a photographer you’ve never met but is it possible to already feel close to you?! Haha Thank you for this! I look forward to seeing you grow.

  6. Jenna Finger says:

    Love the rebrand! Very simple and professional but still allows me to see your creative style!

  7. Amanda Jo says:

    Loving this new updated colorway/aesthetic of your rebrand. So excited to see you grow!

  8. Emily Crain says:

    Not only is your new website aesthetically pleasing with the amazing logos and beautiful colors but it showcases your hard work perfectly!! Reading and looking through your new site I can see how passionately you want to care for your couples and be there to help in every way you can!
    Ps. I loved how you shared your love for Christ and how He is most important in your life.♥️

  9. taylor says:

    Emma, I love your rebrand!! It turned out so beautiful!! 🤍
    You are so talented and I’m so inspired by you!!

  10. Esperanza says:

    This is my first time on your page, and your site is so easy to use, the colors are warm and welcoming. I browsed your photos and omg the day I get married I know who to hire!

  11. Tiffany says:

    I really love the new photos! Really captures your talent! Also the color scheme is to die for!

  12. Kirsten Rose says:

    I love the colors and artwork you chose throughout your website!! And I love hearing your voice throughout your blog and website as a whole! You’ve done an amazing job. Congrats!!

  13. Nicole schmitz says:

    The rebrand is so pretty! Your passion and drive for this is so awesome to see! The colors and photos are so cute ! The “about me” pictures are so cute! Love it!!!

  14. Grace Walker says:

    I love the clarification aspect of this rebrand. Owning a business is hard on its own but the art of explaining it to others is a CHALLENGE IN ITSELF. The clarity that you have brought with this rebranding is a major bonus. So proud of you !

  15. Nick Tinahui says:

    The small details are so cool on this new site and it just shows the level of hard work and dedication that you put into your business. Great job Emma!

  16. angelina cucuta says:

    I LOVE how your work is very professional and creative. You provide such helpful tips and information. You make photos sessions fun and easy while capturing such beautiful moments. I am always happy and satisfied with the end results!

  17. Megan W. says:

    Love the layered look of everything and how the colors go well together! So fun to see you growing in your skill and business! Love the shoots we have done with you and the moments you have captured!

  18. Christina Torres says:

    Love how you want to make it more you! It shows as your new Design is so pretty and more your personality! Love you make each session personable to the couple – we felt that when you did ours.

  19. Grace Lopez says:

    So incredibly excited for the relaunch! We already knew how amazing and talented you are, and now the world can see how much effort and time you put into everything you do. Your new site is a reflection of that and more! I love the simplicity of it but also immense detail and how well everything coincides with everything else. So lucky and so excited for everything you’ve accomplished and more! Cannot wait to have you there for our big day!

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