Aug 16

10 Bridesmaid “Proposal” Gifts

So the question has been popped & you’ve got the ring on the finger. Now you need your bride tribe! It’s your turn to get on one knee ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve got five ideas on the more simple side, & five that are elaborate! Just keep scrolling until one calls your name.

#1 Customized Mugs

This one is foolproof. You can never have too many mugs! Plus, the one I found does the asking for ya. Just think, you could have a photo of everyone sipping their coffee on the morning of the big day. CUTE.

#2 Personalized Bracelets

These sellers are killing it with the questions! These bracelets also come with packaging that proposes. I love that they have knots. The details are great! You can also pick the color, buy in bulk, & get it shipped fast.

#3 Makeup Bags

I can not even tell you how helpful this would be for organization in general, & for your photographer. These would be so cute in your bridal party dressing room! No more photos of old stained bags. The fact that you can choose exactly what it says is awesome too.

#4 Candles

I think I would order these for the box alone. & the stars on the candle?! SO worth the shipping cost. The box even has a place for a note. If you want to get some happy tears, this could be the one.

#5 Mini Succulents

I know a lot of you brides have that magical green thumb, so share your gift! Succulents are about the easiest thing to keep alive, ever. They’re also the cutest so it’s perfect!

Alright, let’s get into it. These next five gifts aren’t messing around.

#6 The Classic Box

This one isn’t too difficult, you just have to get creative. The possibilities are endless! You could use any of the above, or get super personal with it. The link will take you to a few ideas if you’re stuck ๐Ÿ˜‰

#7 Outfit Necessities

We’ve all seen the iconic bridesmaid photos of the matching girls jumping on the bed. But really, all it takes is a few clothing items + champagne! Here are some links to the vitals from head to toe:

sunglasses, robes, pajamas, & slippers !

#8 Photo Book

It’s cheesy, but memories are one of the best gifts. You can design these on lots of sites. Enjoy memory lane!

#9 Spa Day

Turn up the jacuzzi & grab the face masks! With wedding planning on your mind, you & your girls could probably use a spa day. So grab your favorites & throw them in a ridiculously fancy basket!

#10 Travel Blanket Set

Last but definitely not least, the coziest gift of them all. If your bachelorette party is off in some luxurious destination, this is perfect for the journey there! Or if you’re just travel buddies in general, they will get plenty of use out of it. Now excuse me while I try & keep myself from buying one for myself…

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