Mar 13

How I Work With Your Vendors

As you know, it takes many people to make a wedding or elopement happen! This post is to help you get insight on how exactly your photographer works with every individual vendor to make your day better. Why should you care enough to read through this? The more you know why I do what I do, the more we can have each other’s back all day!

The Planner/Coordinator:

If you’ve had a single phone call with me you know I will always recommend at least having a day-of coordinator. We interact most by keeping the entire wedding on time. Because I am the vendor physically by your side the most, I need to know that the planner is taking care of situations or tasks so you and I don’t have to stop and do it. I also keep them informed of where we are going and for how long, so they aren’t panicking wondering when we’re done with the first look or if I’ve gotten ceremony shots without guests yet. For every decoration photo, I need to know the time setup is complete. Coordinators and planners will have this on the schedule, and you’ll get all your photos taken at the best time!

The Florist:

Those glorious detail shots of your accessories and bouquet and dress are immensely improved by leftover florals. Knowing when the florist is arriving so I can ask for the bouquet and scraps is key! I also love asking what specific table arrangements they feel are their best to document up close, and I can ask if any decor pieces are missing before getting venue shots. Knowing if flower pocket squares or boutonnieres are happening is another life-saver so they aren’t missing from formal photos.

The Videographer:

This is a big one! Obviously we are both together with you, so being able to talk upon arrival changes the entire day. I ask question to learn as much as possible about how they shoot so that we aren’t in each other’s way, and let the other get the shots. We will discuss locations, when to shoot what, and function as a team.


I make sure to check in about hair and makeup, and work together to adjust the order of people if it means getting more photos done sooner and keeping us on time! It is common for it to take longer than expected, so it is important I know how much time they have left to go. Also, if you need touch ups I’m happy to grab them and get that stray piece of hair back in place and clear the tear stains.


The last thing I want for you is rainbow lights going off during your first dance. Bring on the disco for dance hour, but you do not want to look like shrek mid-dip. So I will always kindly request plain lights for the formal dances and speeches. Also, it doesn’t help to have blaring music when I’m calling out family photo combinations, so I may ask them to lower the volume if necessary. Usually they are good about coming to let me know before they announce anything, but if not I will let them know to give me a heads up and make sure I’m ready to shoot! I would be so sad for the both of us if they started your grand entrance when I’m in the back switching batteries.

Those are the main vendor interactions I have in a wedding day! I always want to make their lives easier, so anything I can do in my role to improve the wedding will be done. Curious about any other vendor interactions I have? I’d love to get an email from you!

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