Nov 27

Proposal | Nicki + Nicole In A Hot Air Balloon

It’s definitely not every day I book a proposal that’s happening in a hot air balloon! Waking up before sunrise and hopping in a van towing a giant balloon got us all excited. Nicole had no idea, and I was so excited for them! I had also never been in a balloon floating in the sky, so that was a fun new adventure. Funny enough the fire is really loud in the balloon, so I realized Nicole wouldn’t hear Nicki if it wasn’t time right.

I opened my notes app, typed “He’s proposing shhhh!” and showed the pilot (is that what you call them? lol). He gave the queue, and I gave Nicki the look! A few minutes later and they were engaged. It was such a cool moment, and the slightly bumpy landing had me laughing so hard I had tears! We were at a 90º angle by the time we could crawl out to the random field, so we took some photos frolicking around. By the time we were back to our cars it wasn’t even 10am and my day was made!

Location: Temecula, CA

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