Feb 12

Why You Should Print Your Photos

You’ll never hear someone say they regret spending money and time documenting memories. So why is it some people never get around to printing them? Probably because they haven’t heard why it’s so worth it…

#1 To share your story
Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, so naturally you want to share it with loved ones. They’re also great conversation starters! Imagine having guests over for dinner, and instead of having a photo album on the coffee table all you have is the link on your laptop somewhere with hundreds and hundreds of photos to scroll through. Having an easy-to-access book of the best photos from your day is an easy way to relive the wedding anytime.

#2 Your photos are like custom pieces of art
You hired a photographer to bring artistic vision into your photos, so it only makes sense to decorate your home and walls with them!

#3 Online galleries expire
Many photographers give you a certain amount of time to download your photos before the online gallery expires, so all you’ll have is the folder of photos somewhere on your desktop. This can lead to never looking at the photos and admiring them!

#4 They become family heirlooms
That album or print of yours will end up going from generation to generation in your family, so the time spent designing your album (or having your photographer do it for you) isn’t wasted! Who knows, they may even incorporate it in their own wedding days.

#5 You can customize them to your personal style/decor
If creating an album or something similar, the options for color and material are beautiful! From leather to linen to velvet, there’s an option for everyone. The same goes for wall prints, with canvases and matte or glossy paper.

The best part is how easy this all can be to find, especially when booking with me. When I send your gallery your way, all you have to do is click ‘shop’ to see the many product options. Your shop will include items like prints, fine art albums, calendars, and even wooden boxes! You’ll also get special discount codes to use.

photos provided by pic-time.com

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