You get me throughout the whole process, as much as you want!

It sounds kinda funny, but I want to be a friend to you; someone you can rely on. A connection is important, & trust between us is so valuable.

You aren't just a paycheck to me. 

You two together is your own little piece of art. At least that’s how I see it! So with that being said, I don’t want to try & copy someone else’s art. You are your own two people, & how you interact together should be captured purely. Your wedding is so much more to me than the classic poses that go on Grandma’s fridge. You aren’t robots, so I won’t pose you like one! If you want me to make sure you look absolutely perfect every second, we may not be the best fit. That’s ok with me! I'd rather edit your stray eyelash away later. You deserve to have the best experience on your day, & I want to be there if I can provide that. Don’t get me wrong though, if there’s something in your teeth or your hair is having a real tough time I got you! As long as the joy & love comes naturally, you’re gonna look freaking good.

It won't be "the usual". 

Whether planning a wedding is all new to you or not, you should know what you're signing up for! I value your time and experience, so let's make sure we're a good fit. Your vision should be met, and then some!

What goes down.

the experience

Too many people say they hate having their photo taken, & I want to change that for you. It should be fun! Feeling confident not only while shooting but also throughout the process of planning a wedding is what I'm here to provide. So ask questions, share your thoughts, & just word vomit what you're thinking!


By family, friends, & "clients" alike, I have been told I have an eye for detail. Whatever you call it, my brain just seems to notice the tiniest little things. Being a photographer, I'm definitely not mad about it! Know that when shooting I will constantly have my eye out for anything that should be captured. You should be able to enjoy as many parts of your day as possible.


If you're down, I'm down. Those crazy shots you see on Instagram ARE possible for you! Whether it is jumping in the ocean, climbing up a giant boulder, or simply floating in a boat on a lake with an amazing view, we can make it happen. Don't be afraid to pitch your ideas; the day is yours. Traditions are ok to be broken!


Come behind the scenes with me at a couples session!

Then let's get to know each other and create some awesome photos! I am here for the dreams, brainstorms, questions, details, & whatever else you’ve got for me.

Think we're a good fit?