It sounds kinda funny, but I want to be a friend to you; someone you can rely on. A connection is important, & trust between us is so valuable.

You aren't just a paycheck to me. 

You two together is your own little piece of art. At least that’s how I see it! So with that being said, I don’t want to try & copy someone else’s art. You are your own two people, & how you interact together should be captured purely. Your wedding is so much more to me than the classic poses that go on Grandma’s fridge. You aren’t robots, so I won’t pose you like one! If you want me to make sure you look absolutely perfect every second, we may not be the best fit. That’s ok with me! I'd rather edit your stray eyelash away later. You deserve to have the best experience on your day, & I want to be there if I can provide that. Don’t get me wrong though, if there’s something in your teeth or your hair is having a real tough time I got you! As long as the joy & love comes naturally, you’re gonna look freaking good.

It won't be "the usual". 

Whether planning a wedding is all new to you or not, you should know what you're signing up for! I value your time and experience, so let's make sure we're a good fit. Your vision should be met, and then some!

What goes down.

the experience

That depends on you! If you have a location or landscape special to you, I think it would be extra meaningful if the photos you look back on are captured there. If you have no idea where to start, I'll ask you questions to help narrow it down. I'm also happy to go scouting for you! I take all your wants and needs into consideration when researching. Leave the googling to me!

Who decides on the locations? 

Not only am I willing, I PREFER you to bring them! The more these photos represent the real you the better. Plus, I get to meet new furry friends!


Anywhere, anytime! There is a definite possibility I can meet you somewhere breathtaking, so check these travel dates to see if I am free to join you, or if I will be somewhere else at that time. 

Next Destinations: Currently planning 2022!

How far will you travel?

To be honest, the fact that some photographers limit the number of photos gets me heated. Unless it's a repeat or blooper, you're getting the photo! You have every right to your memories.

How many photos do I get?

I send photos on an online gallery via email! I do this because it is both the easiest and safest way. If I were to send a usb or cd, there's too high a risk of it getting broken or lost. Also, online galleries are easiest to share with family and friends via the guest link! Who doesn't want easy access on personal devices these days?!

How are my photos delivered?

Yes! Many, many different kinds. While you can totally download your photos and print them wherever you'd like, I do have a top-quality store directly attached to your gallery that you can place orders to. Also, I have multiple sales that will come your way exclusively for that store! You can get everything from prints to albums to calendars.

Do you offer prints?

Get this. Your photos are backed up 3 times!! I keep the photos on my cards until they are delivered to you, and I also back them up to two separate external hard drives forever. I also do not store any of these 3 together, so if something happens to one the other 2 are just fine! Trust me, no photos get lost on my watch.

How do you keep my photos safe?

Yes! I have a list of local vendors I am constantly updating, and they are always people I have worked with first-hand. I look for good service, quality of work, and fun personalities. If they are on that list, I'd most likely want to hire them for my wedding haha!

Do you have a vendor list for me?

Come behind the scenes with me at a couples session!

Then let's get to know each other and create some awesome photos! I am here for the dreams, brainstorms, questions, details, & whatever else you’ve got for me.

Think we're a good fit?